Lucky Wright - 509
The T206 card of Lucky Wright (Toledo) actually uses a Carl Horner image of Eugene Wright.  Evidence for this is provided by the Sporting Life W600 cabinet of Eugene Wright, which uses the same Horner image that was used to create the T206 of Lucky Wright.  This is positively confirmed by the 1902 Cleveland team composite, which also uses the same Horner photo of Eugene Wright. 

By the time Eugene posed for Horner's photograph in 1902, Lucky Wright hadn't even made it to the minor leagues, so it's not possible that he is pictured in these two photographs.   Eugene, on the other hand, finished his Major League career in 1904 and played his last year of professional baseball in 1909, for Spokane - a team not represented in the T206 set. Two final notes which also support the idea that Lucky is not pictured on his T206 card: Lucky was also known as 'William the Red' and the Horner photo depicts someone with dark hair; The W600 cabinet photo has a Type 2 mount, which is consistent with the period (1902-03) when Eugene Wright played with Cleveland.

Further confusing the situation, uses the actual T206 card image on their 'Lucky Wright' page, and has an unknown player image (perhaps Lucky?) on their 'Gene Wright' page. I could find no additional images of either player.

It's almost certain that, similar to the situation with the Art Kruger card, the American Tobacco Company simply got the image wrong, intending all along to create a card for Lucky Wright of Toledo.