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1928 Portland Beavers
A few Portland Beaver players outside the San Francisco stadium.
The focus of this site is changing as I continue to gather documentation on early black baseball.  Don't worry - the selections to the left have not changed, and in fact, I have begun making updates to some of them.  Meanwhile, I'm looking for information on various teams, along with team and player photographs, specifically the following.  Left-click on the team names to check out current information I've found on games they played. I will be adding game links to boxscores (will indicate changes on this page)

*boxscores added 10/11
*boxscores added 10/11
limited data - not actively researching
**Re-design in progress**

As promised, beginning March 1, 2014 this will become a site for online sports hobbyist publications.  The focus will be sports history, but anything sports-related and professional will be considered.