Pre-WWI Baseball Post Cards

Part 1: RPPC - Team
Part 2: RPPC - Other
Part 3: Advertising
Part 4: Individual Players
Part 5: Colorized, non-RPPC
Concordia College - Springfield, IL
3 of Diamonds? pre-divided back
'N.S.P. Base Ball Team' - Integrated
pre-divided back
Iowa Team - 'M'
Midwest Team
"This is a picture of our club"
postmarked Terre Haute,IN 1910
Spartanburg Base Ball Team '08
post-marked Sugarbush,WI 1908
extensive game scores on revers
Sheboygan,WI - 1911 Pennant Winners
embossed: A.W. KUETHER
Wauseon, OH - 1911
Wauseon, OH - 1912
'Pirates' on jerseys, skull & crossbones on sleeves
postmarked Kenosha,WI 1911
Uknown - exceptional clarity
Uknown - 'P S' on jerseys
Photo by Bennett
Guantanamo Bay - pre-divided back
The Navy had a series of games between ships.
Milo, Iowa - postmarked 1910
"Recess" The Hightman School.
On Back: 'Miss Perkins'
After the game, visit 'Club Billiards'
Athletic Field at Hershey, PA
Common, but unknown method of distribution
Postmarked 1912, PA
'Stars' of Otselic,NY - 1913
postmarked Oct,1914 - PA
1907 Dietsche Ty Cobb
1909 Japanese postcard of Wisconsin player
Mt. Vernon, IL
postmarked 1911
Waterloo, Iowa
postmarked 1911
1909 RPPC - Paddy O'Connor, Pittsburg Pirates
"Baseball Benefit" - unknown location