Baseball Cabinets

"The Grays" - beautiful albumen - rough, w/gold gilt edges. great unis, hats,ring bat, workman's glove?
"One Strike" - Unusual 3.5 x 4.5 action shot albumen, featuring catcher with workman's glove
Panorama - Adair, IA - rare silver gelatin panorama of Adair,IA game - 4.5 x 16.  9-24-08 8-4 victory over Guthrie Center
"Union" Mexican team - 6.5 x 8.5 dated 6-10-1910. San Diego area team. Not sure about photographic process
"POP & Co." - 1870's albumen featuring a shoeless team with neckerchiefs and possibly Civil War hats
"B&W Street Rwy" - crystal-clear 6-1-06 silver gel of the "Baltimore & Washington Street Railway 9".  names on back
"Fitchville" albumen - unusual close-up team pose. Soft-focus with dress unis and pill-box hats. Possibly features "Tornado Jake" Weimer (holding ball), former NY Giants pitcher
"Reedsville, PA" - small, very clear silver gel - players with tie-up jerseys.
1880's oval albumen with vintage frame and glass, in great shape. Great vintage dress & tie-ups. Overall size is 9 x 12.
"st. Aloysius 3" - great expression in this 4 x 5, players identified
"Two in Dress Unis" - fabulous photo,circa 1905, with gloves,padded pants, bikes, near mint mat.
Cyanotype - rare matted early 1900's cyanotype (blue), 1 child with catcher gear, other dressed like a soldier
Cincinnati "West Ends" - Large, very clear silver gel, photographed against a greenhouse. Photo size is 7.5 x 10
1870's Stereoview - albumen - unusually nice arrangement of players
Football cousins - crystal clear silver gel with perfect matting by "Stone, Hamilton, NY"
"Roots Confectionery" - Nice 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 crystal clear silver gel of a tobacco/confectionery shop, around 1910
Child with ball, mushroom bat, and tricycle - great composition
"Staples" - 8" x 10" gelatin process (not silver), featuring pillbox hats and crowd behind chicken-wire in stands 
"Ivy Leaguer" - trimmed mat. Beautiful clear photo of college player with bat bag and team pennant 
8" x 10" casual shot, wonderfully composed - from a group of team cabinets featuring unknown "Ed Smith"
"N B" - 8" x 10" posed, very clear - 1910's.
"Pine Grove" - 8" x 10" crystal-clear and incredible composition. Team is associated with the Pine Grove Springs Summer Resort Hotel (employees?), situated on Spofford Lake, Chesterfield, NH
"Knapps Miners" - Appears to be an albumen, but has a border. Some chipping, dirty, creased, trimmed mat in period frame
9" x 10 1/2" albumen? - "Picnic" - Wonderful photo with very clear image, pipes, horns, ball equipment, odd hats, 31 me in all. Some mat trimming, red ink writing on photo
"V C" team - 4 3/4 x 6 1/4" albumen from the 1880's, featuring "shield" unis.
11 x 14" of the 1907 Dolgevill, NY "Amateurs", with black mascot.
1904 "Uhlirs - beautiful 10 1/2 x 14" with players i.d.'d in gold lettering at bottom. Great composition.
1906 "Uhlirs" - beautiful 10 1/2 x 14" with players i.d.'d in gold lettering at bottom. almost as nice as the 1906 pic.
"Unknown" - Amazing shot of players in tie-down shirts - estimated 1890's
Portland High - 11 x 12 1/2" - very clear posed team. 
Beautiful soft-focus team picture
Fulton H.S. (NY) - Soft-focus team shot, with lots of "character"